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Peterbilt Junk
1. Air noise from both doors horrific.
2. Seat adjust not good. Will not tilt forward and back
3. Cab Clearance lites leak
4. No shelf for note pad within convenient reach.
5. CB electronics a sham.
6. Elec doors slow/worthless, none on left. How cheap.
7. Left door window crank opens door latch when using.
8. Frame not treated well for moisture
9. Right mirror not perpendicular and misleads backing view
10. Right mirror shakes/left does not when moving. Not an alignment problem.
11. Poor radio reception
12. No cigarette lighter on passenger side for charging cell or coffee warmer
13. No 110 plugs for inverter. This is a must as well as an inverter.
14. Inverters are a must in todays lack of truck facilities.
15. Switches without on/off notification. (Lighted switch). Not good
16. Dash peals. That's real quality for $135,000
17. Body paint does not wax well.
18. Air gauges obstructed by steering wheel.
19. Set/Reset switch not working.
20. No steps or step boxes. Unbelievable.
21. Not insulated.
22. Right window wing distorted/warped. Obstructs view.
23. Cab not insulated.
24. The dash is too high for clear unobstructed view of road.
25. Dash should not be designed for the placement of a CB. This is dangerous.
26. Antenna mounts hold water and leak. Very bad connectivity.
27. Matts on floor are cheap junk, hard to clean and not professional.
28. Traction control a scam. With two axels engaged, one side of each spins. What a joke. This is a criminal act of pure evil against the drivers of america in my experienced opinion.
29. Visor does not protect against the sun.
30. Windows are either extremely cold or hot. What technology.
31. Hard to get even heat or air in cab.
32. New fan is either low or medium only.
33. Heater ducts will not stay attached.
34. Rough ride even with new shocks
35. Left Step box lock does not stay latched.
36. Ineffective fog lights.
37. Hood and left fender rattle.
38. Floor is not insulated.
39. A cell phone works all over the world in the truck but the CB works for 100 feet only.
40. Skid plate does not adjust.
41. Seat belt arm falls to floor when not attached. Real convenient.
42. The inoperative simple flourescent bunk lite is a dealer item costing $172.45. Honesty?
43. The fluctuating fuel guage has a cost of around $300 before labor. I will bet that this simple reastat has a cost in mexico or whereever for less than $20.
44. The above and below are my factual experience with my 2005 Peterbilt.
These items are so inconvenient and or dangerous to the driver that it is evidence that the engineers and manufacturers of this truck are not concerned about the comfort and safety of the driver, the public or the customers of carriers in my experience and opinion. This truck is a danger to the public and so problematic in my experienced and opinion that drivers are continually distracted by ongoing safety issues with the truck and having to look for convenient locations to get warm food and coffee because there is no wiring or hookups for inverter. The truck is the only place a driver has to rely on for living conveniencesfor weeks and months at a time. Many states provide little if any truck stops, rest areas or shopping spots. This truck is built for greedy unjust enrichment and convenience of mfgr and not at all for the driver. This truck is designed for constant and perpetual service at scandalous rates to further unjustly enrich greedy, evil souls, that is a fact. That is what our society has become, a “Made in Japan” of the 50'5 and 60's piece of junk. These are greedy hateful low lifes and america should allow toyota to bring their superior trucks to the US.